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Q & A

All the products are licensed?

Yes, all products we sell are officially authorized, we have certificated resellers of HATAKEYAMA, SurePlay, WOODZ, TWB, and ZETT.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. In past years we sold products to more than 30 nations in the world.

How to send payment?

We accept payment from PayPal registered member, you can use a credit card, debit card, bank or PayPal balance to pay the order.

How much the shipping charge?
We provide two kinds of shipping as below,

For Fielding Gloves

We use International Registered Parcel with Insurance of nation-operated Chunghwa Post Company, it is $35 for the first item and adds $10 from second.

For Accessories

We use International Registered Parcel with insurance, it is $30 for the first item and adds $5 from the second.

Combine Shipping

For order includes fielding glove and accessory, we use International Registered Parcel, will charge $35 as the basic charge for the glove, add $10 for each glove and $5 for each accessory.

How long it takes for shipping?

ETA for International Registered Package/Parcel
Asia, within 7 days
N.America/Euro/Oceania, 12-15 days
S.America/Africa, 12-15 days